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Briquetting Machine in India
Super 65 Model
Super 65 Model is our first briquetting plant, which we fabricated
Briquetting Plant Manufacturer
Supreme 75 Model
Supreme 75 is our another model that call for a power-making unit
Powder Making Unit
Powder Making Unit
Our Powder making unit is functional for our briquetting models
Jumbo Briquetting Plant
Jumbo BRQ 9075 Model
Jumbo Brq 9075 Model offers high productivity
Crusher cum Shredder
Crusher cum Shredder
Bio-mass in their natural form are available
Turbo Dryer Manufacturer
Turbo Dryer CTD 60
Our Turbo Dryer Ctd 60 is an excellent piece of equipment for


Enhance the beauty of Briquetting Plant at Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools by saving and making more money. Our company is proverbial manufacturer of all types of Briquetting Plant that converts varied types of agriculture, forestry and industrial waste into solid fuel. This plant saves environment which can recycle biomass waste without using any chemicals. The method of achieving “Best from Waste” by Ecofriendly manner is known as Briquettes

Briquette Plant Briquetting Machine Agro Briquetting Plant

What is Briquetting Plant?

Briquetting is a process for forming fuel from the agriculture waste like groundnut shells, cashew nut shells, saw dust, coir pith, coffee husk, cotton stalk et. Briquette Plant also known as Briquetting Plant is made of series of equipment to make briquettes, in order to turn biomass waste, such as agricultural waste or forest and wood residues into biomass briquettes as renewable fuel for replacing fossil fuel. The briquetting plant entails of variant components biz: Feedling system with screw conveyor, Lubrication system, Cooling line, Electrical Panel etc. Briquetting’s are essential as it helps in decreasing volume more than 10 times

Working of Briquetting Plant:

  • Initially, raw materials like biomass, agriculture waste, industrial waste and other organic materials are compressed into briquette plant for conversion into hard-blocks of fuel.
  • The material used to make briquettes is transported from mixing area to hopper with the help of conveyor.
  • Now, the material from hopper is moved to the connecting chamber where it gets compressed by the Hydraulic pressure.
  • During compression, temperature rises sufficiently to make the raw material liberate which results in softening of the lignin.
  • This lignin emanates to the surface and binds the materials together producing Briquettes in the shape of Rectangular or cylindrical type.

Briquetting Plant Principle:

Our Briquetting Plant works on the principle of transfiguration of waste product or biomass to Briquettes using binder less technology.

Types of Briquetting :

In today’s world, varied types of Briquettes are available in the market with different shape, size, diameter used for differential purposes in the industry.

Peat Briquettes
These briquettes are made from raw Peat. Being Ireland favorite solid fuel, Peat Briquettes are smokeless and portable for easy storage and transportation.

Biomass Briquettes:
Biomass Briquettes helps in converting waste into energy. The conversion is done by combining biomass and other green waste and compressed under high pressure to form briquettes. These are perfect substitute to coal and lignite.

Sawdust Briquettes: Sawdust briquettes are made of recycled sawdust from lumber companies. These smokeless briquettes are used for heating.

Charcoal Briquettes: The charcoal Briquettes or BBQ Briquettes are made from Carbonized Coconut Shells. These Charcoal briquettes are generally used in cooking.

Paper Briquettes: Paper Briquettes are made from recycled shredded paper compressed in a cylinder. Being an eco-friendly briquette it lessens the amount of paper waste.

Pini Kay Briquettes: Pini Kay Briquettes are made by squeezing of dry sawdust in the small screw press and fired to increase their functional qualities. These briquettes are made on the presses by combining high-pressure and the external heat treatment. Pini Briquette has a polyhedron shape with a hole inside, outside covered with a dark crust due to the burning surface.

Nestro Briquettes: Nestro Briquettes are composed of pine, oak and birch saw dust in a cylindrical shape. These briquettes are longer in size due to which transportation and handling becomes complex.

RUF Briquettes: Wood Briquettes with popular logo stamp are known as “RUF Briquettes”. This type of briquettes has burning efficiency, with high moisture content and generates more ash as compared to others.

Types of Briquettes

Types of Briquetting Plant

Biomass Briquetting Plant:  The Plant which transmutes agro forestry waste into Bio Coal or in other terms the machine which is capable of converting  any agro-forestry waste in to finished Briquettes / Bio-coal / White coal is Biomass Briquetting Plant.

Coal Briquetting Plant: The coal Briquetting Plant manufactures briquette fuels to supply to supply in varied industries biz : thermal power plants, metallurgy, refractory material factories, and heating. Apart from manufacturing Coal Briquette, it can also generate charcoal, coke powder etc.

Briquetting Plant Features
  • It has low consumption power, high efficiency, easy installation and prolonged functional life.
  • Briquetting Plant reduces wastage
  • Briquettes Save Environment from being polluted
  • Briquetting Plant helps in balancing the environmental cycle that leads to pollution.
  • Farmers can earn revenue by selling waste like forestry and agricultural waste.
  • Briquettes are economical than coal.
  • This plant does not contain any amount of sulphur.
  • Due to its eco-friendly nature, these briquettes are known as “white Coal”

Briquetting Plant Applications :

  • Briquetting Plant in Ceramic Production: Our Briquetting Plant widely finds its application in Brick kilns, tile making, pot firing.
  • For Domestic Purpose : Our briquetting plant is highly appropriate for domestic use in Cooking water heating and space heating
  • Textile Industry: Briquette Plant is used in textile industry for Dyeing and bleaching.
  • Food Processing Industry:  It is best suited in food industry for Distilleries, bakeries, canteens, restaurants and drying.
  • Agro based Industry: In Agro industry, briquetting plant is used for Tobacco curing, tea drying, oil milling.

Result of Briquetting Plant

  • This results in high quality and strong briquette
  • Briquette weight 5-6 kg
  • This plant has substantial resources of biomass residues across worldwide




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