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Briquetting Machine in India
Super 65 Model
Super 65 Model is our first briquetting plant, which we fabricated
Briquetting Plant Manufacturer
Supreme 75 Model
Supreme 75 is our another model that call for a power-making unit
Powder Making Unit
Powder Making Unit
Our Powder making unit is functional for our briquetting models
Jumbo Briquetting Plant
Jumbo BRQ 9075 Model
Jumbo Brq 9075 Model offers high productivity
Crusher cum Shredder
Crusher cum Shredder
Bio-mass in their natural form are available
Turbo Dryer Manufacturer
Turbo Dryer CTD 60
Our Turbo Dryer Ctd 60 is an excellent piece of equipment for


We are one of the most fabulous manufacturers of briquetting plant. We are well known for our extraordinary stock of Briquetting Machine, Biomass Briquette Plant according to need and demand of the industry.

A Briquetting plant is the equipment that makes briquettes out of bio-wastes. The common kinds of agricultural wastages fed to the briquetting plants include Agro-forestry wastages such as Rice Husk, Palm husk, Cotton Husk, Corn cob waste, Cotton shells, Saw dust, Babool, Bagasse, Bamboo dust, Tea waste , Soybean husk, Jute waste, Tobacco waste, Groundnut Shell, Cotton Stalks / Chips, Mustard Stalk etc. This machine compresses the solid, unproductive bio-wastes into very resourceful energy that has high thermal calorific value and low ignition temperature. It also converts the fuel into the compact sized perfect for storage space, shipping & usage.

Our briquetting plant involves binder less technology, we use natural adhesive which is formed during the process. We use high temperature and pressure for binding raw material from 160 to 350 degree Celsius, we don’t use any chemical or other impurities instead we prefer a natural lignin which is formed in the wood naturally which binds the raw material together to form a rigid substance. Burning a Briquette wood is much more reliable than burning firewood because of its moisture content; our briquette wood contains moisture around 4% whereas in firewood the percentage is around 65%.

Briquette Plant Briquetting Machine Agro Briquetting Plant

Briquetting Plant Process

Briquetting Plant is an ecological friendly process to compress raw material like forestry, industrial and agriculture waste into hard blocks of bio-fuel. Wood is a natural product available in nature so we don’t use that directly to generate heat so we convert the wood into briquette which is eco friendly and renewable source of energy.  During the process of compression of the raw material, the temperatures should be sufficient in order to make the raw material release various adhesives that will help in keeping the residue together in the compressed shape. However, in order to keep this procedure thriving, the moisture content of the raw material must be in the range 6 - 16 %, the high temperature leads to the moisture in the raw material to evaporate.

At a very high moisture contents, steam pockets are created during the process thus leading to expansion which will knock down the briquette. Being a pioneer manufacturer and producer of briquetting machine with high and medium production rate, our installations of briquetting plant is achieved using better-quality material; delivering unblemished performance by processing a range of forestry, agro and municipal waste to create great worth not only for our valued and pleased customer but also for global environment. Engineer’s expertise in the field of Briquette plant leads to production of best quality Briquette machines by rewarding customer’s needs through economical and cost effective Briquette models. Being a foremost manufacturer, we offer customized briquetting machines for correspondingly high and medium production rates. The basic thought behind briquette is to extract wealth from waste. This Biomass press machine makes briquettes which can be used as a bio fuel and are eco friendly and maintains ecological balance of the system. The mass of Briquetting Machine parts are manufactured at our manufacturing plant with the exceptional quality control and never-ending administration.

Biomass briquetting are the most eco friendly form of briquetting which are form by recycling the bio waste, and this can be used as replacement for fossil fuel as they are renewable source of energy. In the process of biomass briquette , waste product such as sawdust, charcoal dust gets compresses and then gets release  to make a regenerated log that can replace firewood, there are no binders(substance that holds two particle together) involved in this process a natural adhesive is formed which binds the particles of wood together to form a solid. Flaming a wood briquette is more efficient than flaming firewood. Moisture content of a briquette is low as 4%. Biomass briquettes are biodegradable in nature, eco friendly and renewable in nature also they are non conventional source of energy. Biomass briquette is burned in very controlled environment with lower moisture and ash content but with high density. Use of bio coal is increasing day by day and has very demand-able market due to its fuel cost saving and pollution free characteristics. The calorific value of Briquette is around 4000-4500 Kcal/Kg, so the loss of heat is almost 15 % while in lignite the utilization is around 53 % & the loss of heat is around 47 %. Collectively biomass briquettes cater by us is most useful & valuable.    
We don’t manufacture Briquetting machine only to earn the profit from that but to maintain the ecological balance of the environment. Our main motto is customer satisfaction and we always look forward for their feedback and experience. We offer premium quality of Briquetting machine and have immense experience in this field. Our manufacturer and supplier for machine is not only in India but export same machine to outside also. Our customers are located across the world wide. 

 We have highly trained and sophisticated technical person who always gives a better professional expertise. Our never-ending creativity and technological up gradation to create a new high class portfolio of Briquetting plants, is our duty to preserve environment that decrease carbon content emission caused by unnecessary industrial and other forms of emissions so we promote the use of biomass briquettes.

Our work is promoted under strong, dynamic and very well experienced leadership been actively engaged in the field for over many decade and have successful installation and functioning of plant with a huge list of satisfied clients. Our works focus is on the customer. Our Company has hired large team of well knowledgeable engineers and supervisors to keep regular watch on each and every level of production.
Every year tons of agricultural waste and forest are burnt which results in air pollution, these waste are renewable source of energy, later on these are converted into high density briquette. The promising briquettes offered by us are premium renewable source which are widely used for various purpose


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