Briquetting Machine
Briquettes from Agro Waste


Briquetting is a process of compacting, destroying the elasticity of the natural fibers. During this process biomass is compressed under high pressure and high temperature. The process of briquetting is completely eco-friendly.

Testing: In the initial stage of process, the quality of raw material is tested during different stages. All the components consist of saw dust, ground nut shells, castor seed shells and other material upto size 25mm are used. Testing is done for the chemical composition to decide their suitability and to select a proper mix.

Crushing: For the Proper working of biomass briquette press and drying machine in the biomass briquetting plant, size of surplus material plays a vital role. In this stage, two types of machine are suitable depending upon the size sawdust or biomass grain for following drying machine and biomass briquette press.

Briquetting Process

Saw Dust Drying Machine: At the time of inserting raw material into the hopper of dryer, it creates hot air which is mixed with wet sawdust and then sucked into the pipes by the exhaust blower(fan) , flowing and then allowed to pass the curving pipes and drying chamber of dryer, where the wet sawdust is dried and than it is discharged from the outlet with air lock
Biomass Briquette Machine: The dehydrated Biomass material containing approx. 15% of moisture is suitable for briquetting. If the material contains high amount of moisture it has to be dried through flash dryer or sun before usage.
Final Briquettes: At last we get briquettes in the shape of logs or pellets, which are enforced through tracks for proper shaping, by cooling them under pressure.
Packing: Cooled briquettes are cut and packed in bags or stored in bulk for dispatch.


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