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>> What is Biomass Briquettes?

Biomass briquettes is a substitute of Coal and Charcoal. It’s a project of conversion from agro waste in valuable briquettes

>> Which raw materials are used to compose biomass briquettes?

Biomass Briquettes are composed of agriculture and forest waste, wood waste and organic waste material without making any use of binder technology.

>> What is the Calorific Valve of Briquette?

The Calorific Value of the Finished Briquettes is approx 4000 K.cal/Kg. It may also vary depending upon the raw material used in production.

>> what is the shape of finished briquettes?

Finished briquettes have cylindrical shape with 90 mm diameter and length is approx. 1 ft and moreover it can be customized as per the client requirement.

>> Which other equipment’s are required to process the briquetting of bio mass?

The equipments required for processing biomass are Chaff cutters, Pulverisers, Flash driers and Conveyors

>> Is the Briquetting Plant Project supported by the government?

Indian Government is supporting the project by giving tax benefit upto 5 years. This project is exempt from excise duty due to renewable energy project

>> In which industries Briquettes are essential?

Chemical industry, leather, rubber, milk plant, ceramic, food processing are some of the industries where briquettes are used at maximum level.

>> Which different types of Biomass Briquetting Machines are available?

Screw type briquetting machine, ram type and pellet machine are available.

>> State some benefits of Briquetting Plant?

Briquettes are economical, cheaper than coal, easy to store, pack and handle, no sulfur content, low ash content, uniform burning etc.


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