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About the Finished Products of briquetting plant – Biomass Briquettes / Bio-coal

Briquettes are great source of energy so they can replace coal diesel, kerosene which are very costly and causes high environmental damage. Briquettes have high thermal value so they can easily burn, due to its lower moisture content bulkier density makes the briquettes compact; the size and shape is very small so they can fit anywhere easily. Due to its small shape and size they are very easy to pack and therefore they can be transported in very large amount saving our cost of storage and packing.

They offer higher combustion than coal so they don’t produce any ash flying in sky thus don’t produce any type of pollution, the regular shape and size of the briquettes makes it appealing and  stunning in looks therefore in return gives high selling price.

In this renewable energy market, it is very popular and profitable investment in various industries like textile, ceramic, spinning, food processing, rubber leather etc also for our domestic purposes for cooking and heating.  Hence it is very safe for our environment and also for future revenue for growing business.


Briquettes are ideal Fuel because of their following aspects :

  • Eco-friendly & Renewable fuel
  • Very reasonably priced fuel
  • Cost-effective
  • Excellent calorific value, about 4000 Kcal/Kg
  • Non hazardous to the environment & any living beings
  • Least Polluting as well as zero sulfur emitting
  • Very low Ash produced, about 2 to 5% , also doesn’t produce fly ash on burning
  • High thermal value
  •  High density
  •  High Fix Carbon value
  • Easy to Transport, feed & use because of its shape
  • steady Combustion
  • immensely demanded fuel in the market

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