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For production of effective briquette fuel, this machine is mandatory. Our Turbo Dryer Ctd 60 is an exceptional invention for swift and proficient drying of bio-mass for that raw material whose moisture content is high; it can decrease the moisture content of the bio-mass up to 12-15%, which is just exact content for the briquetting method. This machine is very precious for fast and thorough drying of fibrous biomass; we fabricate this machinery employing the best grade raw-materials and components together with our flawless technology. We at the end quality test, once the fabrication process is complete at our evaluation department. Hence we deliver our customers only unblemished products from us. This machine is very efficient and has potential and easy to maintain and use.

In certain raw material the moisture content level is too high so we need to maintain this moisture content, normal moisture content is 15 percent for every raw material. This Turbo Dryer System consist of screw conveyor, vibrating screen, feeding hopper, conveying line  including drying column and conveying line through which wet or moist material is conveyed with hot air . A powerful low pressure open wheel centrifugal fan assures significant resilience time for removal of excess moistures. Material is conveyed to cyclone and discharged through air tap duct.

Moisture Evaporation Capacity 45O KG/HR.
Output 1500 KG/HR.
Maximum Input Moisture 35%
Outlet Moisture 15%
Centrifugal Fan Motor 15 HP
Vibrating Screen 2 HP
Screw Conveyor Motor 2 HP

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