Wood Cutting Machine
Briquettes from Agro Waste


WOOD CUTTING MACHINE is used for the threshing raw material having size above 25mm, when raw material size exceeds to limit then there is a need for wood cutter machine. It is made with innovative technology and transforms all the big size particles into fine particles.  And then these particles after being crushed into cutter machine are put into briquetting machine.

The best example of the cutter is tree bark, any fiber stalk like bamboo, couch grass, corn and Sorghum stalks, we manufacture high quality machine which cuts the raw material into equal size and shape.  Our developed machine has powerful motor and alloy steel hardened chipping blades, because of which the machine functions powerfully and speedily.  This machine is in demand because of its robustness and long life span and with excellent output. Wood cutter is provided with Blades cutting, cutting device, cutting equipment and draught fan which create high speed air impacting which works mutually to make it a superior crushing machine. During blade cutting, rotator creates high spin and pressure with blade cutting direction. Raw materials speed up in the air and they are crushed.

Wood Cutter Machine Briquetting Plant Machine

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